Eclipse press kit

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Strange eclipse

A new two-minute explainer video for the eclipse filled with strange facts that are new to your viewers. Created by Mystery Science, the science explanation company.


eclipse fact sheet

The top 10 strange facts facts about the solar eclipse.


expert for interview

Doug Peltz is a science expert who has helped teach science to more than a million children. As a naturalist, Doug has given numerous TV appearances and was the first to discover a Mediterranean insect, the Red Bug, living in the Americas.  Previously, he ran observatory tours where he gave many people a look at the rings of Saturn for the first time.

Doug is the co-founder of the science explanation company, Mystery Science, where he works tirelessly to nurture an understanding and appreciation of science and technology. Prior to this, he taught in the classroom for seven years where he made science the students' favorite subject. As the science director for the school, he created an original science curriculum and trained other science teachers. Doug graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in the history of science.