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UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, as of 3 Aug 12:00pm Pacific Time, all boxes of glasses have been requested and are shipping soon. We have removed the request form below, but there are still many free eclipse glasses available at local libraries. Check your local library on this map and contact them to see if they can give you any. Be aware that we are hearing from teachers that some libraries are limiting glasses to 1 per person. Alternately, here is an article with a list of retailers selling eclipse glasses.  

If you cannot easily get glasses from libraries or online retailers, our open-and-go lesson includes step-by-step instructions for how to create a pinhole viewer with classroom supplies so your students can at least still experience the solar eclipse.

1. First, you need to be aware that where you are located in the U.S. matters. Everyone who is located in the "path of totality" as pictured on this map will experience full darkness during the eclipse—this is a total solar eclipse. If you are outside of the path of totality you can still watch the moon take "a bite" out of the sun. You need solar eclipse glasses for both experiences. Use our Eclipse Time Checker for your location.

2. Millions of glasses are being distributed for free at local community libraries. View the map to search for a library near you. Contact that library for details on how to get the glasses for your class.

The STAR Library Education Network has developed this map as part of its Eclipse Resource Center. Thanks to NASA Library initiative and the Moore Foundation for this!


3. We are only able to ship free glasses in boxes of 200. This is enough for about 6 or 7 classes worth of students. Before you submit your request for free glasses, check your local library (explanation above) and confirm that at least 200 students are your school will be participating. More than 200 students can participate by having students share glasses. Unfortunately, we cannot ship multiple boxes to a single school and we cannot ship a box smaller than 200 glasses.   UPDATE: Our limited supplies have now run out. See above for details about other places you might be able to find eclipse glasses.